Welcome To The Granite Fitness Market Extravaganza (AKA GraniteFitness.Me)

Welcome! My name is Mark, and I run a small fitness therapy project based in markets, carnivals, festivals and expos all around Perth. In line with the philosophy of keeping things simple, the only products I offer are fitness bands, skipping ropes and digital books about health and fitness. Come purchase fitness bands from me (in person if you are in Perth). I’ll even give you a user guide to demonstrate how to use them. Grab a copy of my books, which you will no doubt find informative. Please subscribe to my blog and engage on social media. You can tell others about the blog. And most importantly – you can say hi when you see me around 🙂

Perth “Market” Special

These fitness band package specials are only available under two circumstances – when you come across our stall and when you make arrangements with us to pick them up in Perth. For those requiring shipping, see the sections below for more info 🙂


This is the most basic package. You get a set of five colourful rubber resistance bands, each of which has the same resistance level. This is ideal for those who are beginners or have limited strength, as it was originally imported for physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Of course, it comes with a manual that shows you how to perform these exercises.


With this package, you get a set of five premium resistance bands made with high quality latex. Each band has a different resistance level, allowing you to vary your workout even more. Of course, it also comes with a manual that shows you how to perform these exercises. I’ll also give you access to a video series that shows you how to perform these exercises! Furthermore, a skipping rope is also included to meet all your cardio needs.


This package is virtually identical to the one to its left. There is only one difference – you get a set of four premium yoga bands made with high quality latex instead of resistance bands. Some people are more comfortable with yoga bands, which can be especially useful for travelling since it takes up less space. Of course, you also get the manual and video series, as well as a skipping rope to meet all your cardio needs.


This is the top-of-the-line premium package for those who are truly serious about losing weight and keeping it off in the long-term. Not only do you get everything in the other package, you also get a series of three digitally delivered books that will lead you to success. Each of these books focuses on a crucial element of weight loss success, namely psychology, nutrition and exercise! More info below.

Why Resistance/Yoga (also known as Fitness) Bands?

You might be wondering what the fuss about fitness bands is all about. Well, compared to tools such as dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells, resistance and yoga bands are known to be just as effective, lighter in weight, more portable because of their compact size (which means you can take them to the park or even overseas in your luggage), and more economical, (which you will realise if you compare them to the price of dumbbells). In short, fitness bands give you the most flexibility and is the most desirable option when it comes to meeting your strength training needs. The only thing is that you have to know how to use them, but we have that covered in every package anyway! In fact, this is what sets us apart from those who peddle cheap and low quality fitness bands. They don’t care if their customers succeed; they probably won’t due to a lack of knowledge! We do! And we care! And that’s why we train you 🙂

What About The Books?

As promised, this section gives you a bit of background to each book, as well as the other things that we offer. If you are really curious about what people have been buying, you may click on each book to see it’s online sales page.


Did you know that most people who successfully lose weight eventually pile it back on? In most cases, this is due to a weak psychological mindset that causes them to stumble even if they have a sound diet and fitness plan. The Winning Psychology Manual addresses this “elephant in the room” and teaches you how to have a strong mindset and belief system for long term weight loss and fitness success.


It’s no secret that a crucial key to losing weight is watching what you eat. However, with so much information out there, this is often easier said than done. The Strategic Nutrition Guide simplifies the methods that are proven to work and presents them in a way that is easily understood. With vital information on how to cook and eat healthily, this book will make eating for weight loss a breeze.


If you want to know the secrets of getting fit and get in the best shape of your life, the Lifelong Fitness Blueprint is for you. This book shows you how to make sense of weight loss programs, set systematic and realistic fitness goals, plan a detailed exercise program from scratch and overcome common excuses for evading exercise. Definitely a must-buy if you are serious about getting in shape.


If you are a frequent traveller, you probably already know that staying in shape while travelling can be difficult due to the break in routine and various other inconveniences. However, this does not necessarily have to result in gradual weight gain. The Traveller’s Fitness bible will show you how easy it is to eat healthily and fit exercise into your routine while travelling. Get it today!

In addition to the books, I have also provided some information about the other guides that come along with your purchase. Check these out!


This is the essential pictorial guide demonstrating step-by-step how to perform strength training exercises with resistance or yoga bands. It is available with all the fitness packages above. Isn’t that great?


In addition to the pictorial guide, some people find it useful to have access to short videos on how to perform that. This video library is essentially it! You get this with any premium package above. What a godsend!


This is where I prove that I’m doing all of this out of the goodness of my heart, and NOT to profit unethically from vulnerable folk! I’m offering this guide for free with every subscription to the Granite Fitness Blog


Alright, this isn’t a book per se, but I have to sneak it in somewhere, right? If you are based in Australia, this site provides travel-related and miscellaneous services. Do check it out! You’ll love it!

Perth People! Get In Touch With Us, C’mon!

Interested? Of course you are! Please take some time to read this section. We have mentioned in an earlier section that this operation is exclusively run in Perth. In the interest of being completely transparent and open with our local customers and supporters, we have provided you with an avenue to contact us. Whether you learnt about us from coming across us at an event, or have been recommended by our happy customers who have benefited from our services, you are always more than welcome to contact us. We welcome you to use this contact form if you have any questions regarding our services, or to arrange a time for us to get fitness bands to you! Apart from scheduling arrangements for purchases, we usually get some emails from customers regarding the use of fitness bands, some enquiries about bulk purchase discounts, some about fitness programs, as well as some thank you messages 🙂 No matter what, we would really like to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us! Hear from you soon 🙂 Oh, and please introduce yourself and tell us your name when you contact us on the form, cheers!

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Not In Perth?

Don’t live in Perth? Well, you’ll have to get the physical items shipped to you then. But don’t fret; where there’s a will, there’s most definitely a way. Frankly speaking, the only difference between a Perth and a non-Perth based customer is the shipping cost of physical products. Everything else, INCLUDING the customer support, would be the same. In fact, the customer support and personal service is what makes Granite Fitness so special 🙂 So even if you don’t live in Perth, you should definitely consider supporting Granite Fitness, not just for the good service, but also for the satisfaction of supporting a small enterprise that has its roots in the heart of philanthropy. Down to the practical side of things, there are really three options in this situation. Option One: You can get the exact same products as what is provided on this page. Isn’t that great? The first image below is the equivalent of the second and third option on this page, while the second and third images are the equivalent of the fourth option. Check them out:

Option Two: You can get the books from this series in a set, and this includes the resources for fitness band training too. This is known as the Granite Fitness Masterclass. Please click on the image below to check it out:

Option Three: You can browse our online store for a variety of different products, much more than what is shown on this page. This is a fantastic option for those of you who want to broaden your fitness horizons. Oh, and they include clothes too! Please click the cute little image below for access:

And that brings us to the end of this feature presentation 🙂 Once again, thank you for your interest in Granite Fitness. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the blog by clicking on the image below, as well as engaging with us on social media, the links to which are available on the blog as well. And please get in touch with us too. Cheers, and chat soon!


Other Services: Believe it or not, I’m not just a fitness motivator. In fact, my business partner Atanas and I actually offer a wide range of services, which we have suitably called the Granite Network. Since you’re on this site already, we might as well share them with you. The first service we’d like to introduce you to is called Solutions 4 Me, and it is includes services such as web development, graphic design, product sourcing, writing services as well as Perth-specific services such as personnel and event management. Whether you are an individual or a business representative, there’s something for you. Click on the image below to access the site:

The second service site we would like to bring to your attention relates specifically to business owners who want to have a stronger web presence. This site, known as SEO For Blogs, will help website gain traffic and rank more highly on search engines. It can be accessed here, or directly via the Solutions 4 Me site. Our third recommendation would be our online stores. We have quite a few of these and they have been serving and gaining popularity with mostly American consumers for some time now. You should check these out too.While we are on the topic of fitness, if you also happen to be a traveller, you should check out Travel Fitness 4 Me, a multi-purpose one-stop site for travellers. If you are a reader and seeker of knowledge, we have Ebooks4Me, a digital product site that helps people with specific issues, solve their problems, or simply present opportunities that would have otherwise been missed. Other than those, we also have the Impulse Buy Store, an online shopping site that recommends exciting or interesting products. We have Laschwandra’s, an online shopping site that caters to the needs of the modern day woman. And finally, we have YouTubers’ Reviews, a people-powered product review site focusing on electrical and white goods.   The last thing to say is that all of these sites are part of the Granite Network, which you can find out more about by clicking on the image below: